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Children of the World

Celebrating the cultural diversity and background of our students is valuable part of LightHouse Kindergarten’s international profile. We partner with the parents in planning different initiatives to honor the nationalities represented with us. The activities include country presentations, exhibitions of national attire, costume parades, artwork display, biographies of famous historical figures, and popular national cuisine recipes.

Poetry and Singing

Seasonal Celebrations

We use every opportunity to encourage the artistic skills of the children by promoting individual and group performances as means to build their self-esteem and confidence. Poetry and singing provide great assistance in establishing the foreign language fluency and pronunciation. Seasonal celebrations for Christmas or Spring, along with Mother’s Day, St. Valentine’s and others are anticipated and enjoyed by both children and parents’ community.

Winter Presentation

Christmas Program

Celebrating this festive season with songs, small skits, poems, and dancing is an exciting and anticipated event by all children and parents. Stage performances help children build their confidence and self-esteem, as they also support memorization and foreign language fluency introducing children to the vast world of performing arts.

In the Mountains

Ski School

Ski training is an open-air experience that puts a physical challenge in front of the little skiers to overcome. It is being held by professional trainers for a whole week and completed with a reward ceremony at the ski slope. Traditionally this event is being supported and organized with the help of the parent volunteers.

Fairy Tales and Color

Costume Parade

Our annual costume parade is a highly anticipated event for our students, as they get to dress up as their favourite characters, superheroes, and more. With music, games, and prizes, the costume parade is a fun and festive way for children to express their creativity and imagination. This exciting event promotes socialization and community building among our students, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Little Explorers

Field Trips

Learning outside of the familiar environment triggers new exciting real-life experiences in children and reinforces their previous knowledge. Field trips help children develop travelling skills and enhance the topics in the curriculum. Attending ski training sessions in the mountain, visits to museums, galleries, puppet theater, library, open market, music and dance performances are planned and announced in the event calendar of LightHouse Kindergarten at the beginning of each school year.