Lifelong Journey

Healthy Habits

We believe that each individual’s life-long healthy habits should be formed at an early age. This is why we strive to introduce our students to the main aspects of a healthy and proactive lifestyle.

Eating healthy and
balanced meals
Daily physical exercise & sports
Outdoor play and activity
Daily regime of alternating rest & active time

Fresh and Tasty


Healthy and balanced, our breakfast and lunch menu is 100 % bio certified, seasonal, and freshly made on a daily basis.

Fresh & Tasty

  • Standard menu or vegetarian option
  • Seasonal and freshly made

Bio Certified

  • 100 % Bio fruits and veggies
  • 100 % Bio milk and dairy products
  • 100 % Bio flours, beans, lentils, etc.


  • Balanced
  • Fish served each week
  • Meals cooked with olive oil and butter only

Sample Menu

  • Published weekly for your convenience
  • Provided by our partners from FURISTO

Outdoor Learning

Open-air Classroom

Outdoor learning in an open-air classroom attracts all children, brings variety to their everyday scenery, and raises their participation in the planned activities. Workshops, open lessons, dramatic play, story time and parents’ visits make memorable moments to share and talk about.

Exercise and Sports

Physical Activity

We recommend levels of physical activity for 3-6 years old children to be not less than 60 min per day. Physical activity is essential for the proper muscle development and the formation of coordination, endurance, speed, strength of movement. Academic advancement relies to a great extent to the child’s regular participation in physical exercise and sports activities. Furthermore, it provides valuable opportunities for interaction and social-emotional learning. At LightHouse Kindergarten we have incorporated age-appropriate sport games and activities in our main curriculum with the possibility for parents to additionally chose to sign up their child for a specific sport selected in our extracurricular program.



LightHouse Kindergarten sets the highest priority on the well-being of our children. We put significant effort in taking care of their health daily. There is a fully equipped nurse’s office situated near the entrance of our premises and an experienced nurse available fulltime for our students. Every day we monitor each child’s health condition and take all necessary measures to ensure the well-being of all students. Other preventive measures include:

  • Healthy menu
  • Outdoor play and physical activity up to 2 hours
  • Regular dentals checkup
  • Prophylaxis of spinal distortions
  • Room treatment with bactericidal lamp for inactivation of bacteria, viruses, and parasites during the flu season.