Who We Are


LightHouse Kindergarten is an English-language based educational environment for children ages 2.5 to 6. We offer a holistic approach to our young learners’ education, focusing on the well-being of the whole child – their intellectual growth, social-emotional competences, character development, motor skills, and health.

  • We provide optional Dual Language Program in both English and Bulgarian, supporting our children in developing their bilingual and biliterate skills.
  • Experienced educators, progressive curriculum, and a rich variety of creative and sports activities, are some of the key elements of our program.
  • We are a modern alternative of the traditional Kindergarten implementing best practices of internationally recognized pedagogical approaches.
  • Situated in a beautiful green area just
    3-minute drive from Business Park Sofia, LightHouse Kindergarten welcomes both international and local students.

Our Purpose


Our mission is to provide a high quality early English-language based education to children, enhance their natural abilities to learn, and establish a solid foundation for future success in life.


Our Beliefs


We believe that each child is a gifted and capable individual, and it is our shared responsibility to introduce them to the world of knowledge and discovery in a supportive and stimulating atmosphere where their personality and talents flourish. Our philosophy is based upon the theories of cognitive development and the social learning paradigm. We approach the Preschool and Kindergarten education holistically, as we plan for all developmental areassocial, emotional, cognitive, and physical to create meaningful learning experiences for the children.

Our Expertise


The LightHouse Kindergarten Leadership and Advisory team comprises of dedicated professionals with an extensive experience in the field of international education and dual language learning.

Our teaching team has been carefully selected to display prominent personalities, which draw from multiple areas of competence, origin, and culture to successfully guide children’s learning.

Learning Spaces


LightHouse Kindergarten is located in a beautiful green area, providing a natural and tranquil setting for children to learn and play.
Our facility is equipped with various learning spaces, such as a Library & Language Center, Science & Technology Lab, Art Studio, Open-air Classroom, Sport Gym, and outdoor playground, to enrich our students’ educational experience.
With ample opportunities for exploration and discovery, our facility fosters a love of learning and encourages children to develop their natural talents and interests.

Level 0

  • Music & Art Studio
  • Sport Gym
  • Open-air Classroom
  • Outdoor Playground

Level 1

  • K6 Learning Area
  • Kids Cooking Center
  • Kitchen
  • Nurse’s office

Level 2

  • K3 Learning Area
  • K4 Learning Area
  • K5 Learning Area
  • Library & Language Center

Level 3

  • Science & Technology Center
  • Children’s Relax Area
  • Director’s Office
  • Teacher’s Lounge

Green and Accessible


LightHouse Kindergarten is conveniently located in a communicative area, close to the American College of Sofia, making it easily accessible for families from various parts of the city.

Situated close to major business districts and residential areas, our location offers parents the flexibility and convenience of dropping off and picking up their children on their way to work or home.

Our location also provides opportunities for educational field trips and excursions to the Vitosha mountain, and multiple sport facilities.